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About Me

My purpose is to bring peace into a world of chaos. I hope to help others find beauty not only in nature but also within themselves. I have suffered greatly from anxiety, depression, anger, and doubt but over and over I am reminded that I am strong, courageous, and I can do hard things. I want others to know that they can do hard things too! Be inspired. If I can live life in peace, so can you!

You may wonder what rocks have to do with any of this but throughout my life crystals have been there to remind me to be still and take in the wonders of the universe. I have always been inspired by crystals, not just for their beauty, but also for their resilience. There are rocks on Earth that are over 4 billion years old… do you have any idea what those precious minerals have been through? 

Crystals help channel away negative energy and allow positive energy to flow into our bodies. They allow us to focus on healing ourselves from within. My goal is to bring you peace and happiness through high-quality crystals from around the world.




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