Healing Potion Enamel Pin

Healing Potion Enamel Pin

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Embrace the enchanting power of personal healing with our HealingĀ Potion bottle pin, adorned with beautiful flowers that whisper tales of inner transformation šŸŒ¼

Place it on your tote bag, sacred space, or any corner where you seek solace, and let its presence guide you on the path of self-healing.

With ethereal coloursĀ and glistening hues, this pinĀ embodies the magic of nature's transformative energy, serving as a guardian on your healing journey. Unlock the secrets of personal healing and embrace the mysterious power within as the blossoms of renewal bloom within your soulāœØĀ 


- Original Design by The Quirky Cup Collective
- 3.5cm (1.37 inches)
- Gold Plated
- Material:Ā Zinc Alloy + Iron
- DoubleĀ pin rubber backing
- Created and drawn with love!



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